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Handsome as the groom

Handsome as the groomTV programs preparing women for weddings are very popular around the world. Almost all is said about the Bride, her dress and superstitions ... but not only is she supposed to shine on her wedding day! The groom should also feel special and look like this: perform in a perfectly tailored suit, elegant shoes and fashionable accessories.

Get involved with the Witness
Each Witness should remember that his role begins before the wedding. It's not just about organizing a bachelor party. Witnesses should always be ready to help, for example during pre-wedding purchases. The witness will see what the future Groom may not notice when buying, for example, a suit. No one who makes such an important purchase should only rely on the seller's opinion. The service probably will not advise the groom any suit, footwear or accessory - but it is known that the wardrobe can be fitted well or well, and the groom should look at least great!

When choosing a suit, it is worth remembering a few basic rules. If the fabric of the jacket and shirt is uncomfortable around the waist, it is a sign that it is too small. Noticeable creases between the shoulder blades and the sleeves say that the jacket is probably too large. In his arms the jacket should be perfectly fitted: tight but free. The collar must adhere to the shirt. In the case of trousers, it is also worth paying attention to a few details. Too narrow pants will feel good and may restrict your movements, they will look too wide unattractive. Legs should lightly reach the heel. It is important to choose properly selected footwear that will ensure the effect of the abdomen and slender silhouette. Suits and elegant footwear are two elements of clothing that should support each other and strengthen the impression of the impeccable posture of the groom.

Betelli shoes are ideally suited as elegant men's shoes.

They must be of high quality. If the party is classic, black formal shoes will be a good choice for a wedding suit. More and more, Young Couples organize weddings and parties about a particular topic or in a specific style. In such cases, more sophisticated shoes will be perfect. For the vintage style ideally suited to the Betelli brand Garda combining shades of pomegranate and brown, and the country will fit the model Vulcano, a basket-shaped texture in burgundy. In both cases the groom gains 7 centimeters of growth! How is this possible? There are shoes on the market that add centimeters, which are popular for low but also tall men. Why? Erect and slender silhouette adds self-confidence and grace. Betelli boosting shoes maintain the proportions of a traditional shoe (they do not have a high heel or high heel, thanks to which they retain a fully natural look), absorb and absorb pressure while walking, providing feet with comfort and ventilation. Footwear is made with attention to every detail, with the highest quality of natural leather and materials.

Betelli shoes are perfect for men's wedding shoes. 

Flies and bow ties
Muszka is a more formal solution and is associated with exceptional elegance. It is worth remembering that you should wear the right shirt for such an addition - the best one will be a shirt with a covered pleat covering the buttons. The collar is also important. For a coat or tuxedo - broken, for a classic suit with a covered pleat or semi-Italian. Silk bow ties will work well at the wedding. Such an addition will make the groom look unique and original. More and more often chosen by the Lords of the Mousse resembles a short, beveled or spiked, double tie, but is tied like a bow tie. This is quite a complicated sentence, which is why the sale of mainly ready-to-attach fasteners (already tied).

This is one of the most popular additions. The discreet classic will work best, which is why we leave shiny and bright models for a different occasion. Its width should depend on the width of the jacket flaps and the type of shirt collar. For shirts with a long collar with narrowly spaced ends fits a narrow tie. The wider tie is selected for shirts with a collar with widely spaced blankets.


It is an addition that gives a stylish character to the whole stylization. However, one should not exaggerate with extravagance, because it is really easy here to exaggerate: both their shape and design should be as discreet as possible. It's best to stay with classic models matching the color of the wedding ring.

A boxer or buttonhole?
Pillow is a very discreet element that can determine the final appearance of the whole creation. The safest choice to add a touch of individuality will be a white tablecloth with a delicate border in the color of a suit fabric. You can also bet on a common composition - decorating the jacket with a buttonhole made of the same flowers as the bouquet of our lady lets you refer to the creation of the Bride.