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Betelli height increasing shoes are designed for men who want to feel better and more confident at work, while public performances and important events, as well as in everyday use. The product is for those who are not afraid of novelty, people who are interested in new trends and experiencing the desire to feel better with themselves.

These shoes are not only for short but also for medium-height and tall men.

Elevator shoes provide more self confidence, make your body slender and solid by straightening your back and neck, helping you to pull in your stomach and look slimmer.

Natural look and proportions

Betelli height increasing shoes are designed in a way to preserve the proportions of traditional shoes. They do not have high heel or high heel counter, providing the most natural look and the maximum comfort, while the increasing system remains invisible.

invisible increase

Footwear increasing Betelli is made with attention to every detail, from the highest quality leather and natural materials. Retaining the natural look of regular shoes, boots increasing Betelli in an invisible manner for the environment improves the silhouette of a man and add him not only centimeters, but also self-confidence.

Unique features

  • Specially designed increasing insole not only gives extra height but also provides comfort, amortises and absorbs the pressure while walking.
  • Additional internal layer between sole and increasing insole prevents devastation of the insole and at the same time ensures appropriate ventilation.
  • Natural proportions of the leather or rubber sole enables confident, smooth and easy move.


  • pewność siebieself-confidence
  • smuklejszą sylwetkęslim figure

  • pewniejszy krokconfidently stride
  • wyprostowane ciałostraight body
How height increasing shoes works