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Girl on high heels too high?

Girl on high heels too high?Girl on high heels too high?  

Spring is the time to wake up. It's getting warmer outside, which is why we naturally change clothes for the summer. Before we look, the wedding season will come, which will last until the end of September. During these months, not only at weddings, dresses will dominate as well as the biggest civilizational attribute of femininity and the same - the biggest challenge for men: stilettos.

Shoes with heels first put on men, and it was already in ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, women watched the partners and wanted to look similar. Why? The man in the saddle, with high heels, looked tall and slim. His hips were different, as well as his back, which made him more attractive. Charmed women also wanted to look good. A clumsy heel became a slender pin and it could be said that he came to a salon from a horse. It happened in the first half of the 20th century, thanks to the Italian designer and the Dior brand. Behind the invention, however, was a Polish physicist, Olbrecht Kliczka, thanks to whom even the most corpulent lady can neatly sway in footwear on slender heels today.

What do women give to the heels? Above all, growth. Such a shoe additionally slims and slims legs. The pins enforce, also changing the way you walk - the movements are calmer, more balanced, less sweating and the hips start to sway. Ladies start to make small, alluring steps; almost glide. There is irresistible charm and strength in this.

A few inches up can immensely affect the well-being and self-esteem ... not only of the fair sex! And though, stilettos are an indispensable element of women's clothing today, it is also men who buy more and more booster shoes. Does it mean in this case, also nicely and comfortably? The origins of the Betelli brand date back to the second half of the 90s, when three friends came up with the idea of ​​creating shoes that would add a few centimeters to men. Specially developed boost insert adds height, and at the same time absorbs and absorbs pressure while walking, providing feet with full comfort. The models presented by the company are so refined to maintain the proportions of the traditional shoe - they have neither a high heel nor a high heel, thanks to which they retain a fully natural look. They have been designed so that the raising system is completely invisible. The shoes are made with attention to every detail and the highest quality natural leather and materials. Both visiting and daily models are available. Betelli shoes are perfect for men's wedding shoes.

Why is the popularity of such shoes still growing? First of all, everyone likes to feel confident, enjoy a more slim figure, and also an impeccable body posture. Secondly, guys appreciate facts - and these clearly speak in favor of the higher: both in professional and heart issues. It seems that the times when someone "looks down" on the short men are gone. Low men can look great because thanks to increasing shoes, they gain much more than 7 centimeters and a better look: they feel better with each other, which subconsciously influences the interlocutors and observers. With such a turn of events, the ladies will rather not soon hear: "the girl in the high heels is too tall". The moment has come when women no longer have to deny themselves high shoes: not from holidays or on a daily basis.

The handsome groom in elegnat elevated shoes for wedding.