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Girl on high heels too high?

Girl on high heels too high?Girl on high heels too high?

You happened to tell your girlfriend: do not wear pins because you're taller than me, we'll look weird together? Is it still happening to you and ends with a sad face and a change of shoes for those on a flat sole? Maybe you are a small man or maybe your partner is tall or just loves heels to heaven.
Just so that she could wear her dream heels and make you look together like a perfect couple, we created Betelli's shoes.
Thanks to these magic shoes, you'll add 7 cm in height. The shoes have a hidden rise, they are perfectly contoured so they look like ordinary footwear, a specially designed insole provides comfort and comfort.

Beautiful classic, elegant Betelli shoes match any styling. Ideally suited for any celebrations on which we want to present elegantly. Weddings, weddings, balls, proms, galas. Great for a suit or tuxedo. Our shoes are of excellent quality, the visiting models are made entirely of leather, if they have a leather sole as well.
Did you hear that the higher ones earn more and make a career faster? You can take care of yourself how they see you - add a few centimeters of growth by wearing up shoes. Businessmen, lawyers, celebrities must pay attention to how they look and how they are perceived.

It's not just that the heightening shoes are only for low men - everyone will need a few extra inches, will improve the appearance, will provide an upright posture will give self-confidence. In the end you are great and thanks to Betelli shoes you will be even more cool because it's 7 cm higher!

Do not be ashamed, Betelli's shoes are known and liked, hosted on the red carpet and on the stage of the theater (which no one noticed !!) They are welcomed by gentlemen all over Europe.